The Parish Council


Elections to Cotswold District Council and every Town and Parish Council within the Cotswold District took place on 2 May 2019.
All seats on Sapperton Parish Council were subject to the election process, however, Cotswold District Council received only three nominations by the deadline. This meant that the Parish Council was not required to hold an election as there were less nominations than seats available.
The three nominations were from currently serving Councillors who therefore continued to serve after the May 2nd Election date.  A fourth Councillor was co-opted onto the Council at the June Parish Council meeting and a fifth, at the July meeting.  This still leaves Sapperton Parish Council with less Councillors than the seven it is allowed so we are desperately seeking two new members!
We would urge any eligible person in the Parish to consider putting themselves forward to support their community in this way. All you need to do is volunteer and you can be co-opted onto the Council without any need for election.  With your help, we are hoping the Parish Council can return to full strength soon!
The following overview may help you decide whether this role is something you would enjoy.
What is a Parish Council and why become a Parish Councillor
Who can be a Parish Councillor?

For more information, or just a chat about the role, please contact Babs Maloney, Parish Clerk, on 01285 760 276 or chat to one of the current Councillors. Their contact numbers are in the ‘Current Councillors’ list shown below.


Code of Conduct: 

Each local council must adopt a Code of Conduct that is in line
with the Nolan principles which apply to the conduct of people in public life.

The code deals with Councillors’ obligations about their conduct including the registration and disclosure of their interests
(see below).

Register of interests

Parish and Town Councillors must complete a ‘register of members’ pecuniary interests’ form.  This is a requirement of the code of conduct.

Cotswold District Council holds the register of interests (opens in a new window) for Parish Councillors in this area.  The Register may also be inspected at the Cotswold District Council offices at Trinity Road, Cirencester, during normal office hours.

The following links will take you to relevant information the Parish Council is required to provide:


The link above will take you to the Parish Council’s financial information and the Notice of Public Inspection Period which includes a summary of your rights and explains various aspects of these and also the relevant legislation that governs the inspection of accounts and objections.


This page provides links to policy relevant to the business of running the Parish Council and also local and national level plans and policy documents especially those that relate specifically to the local area.