The Parish Council


Elections to Cotswold District Council and every Town and Parish Council within the Cotswold District will take place on 2 May 2019.

Notice of Election – Parish and Town Council

Notice of Election – District Council Elections

All seats on Sapperton Parish Council will be subject to the election process. Nomination Papers will be available from the Cotswold District Council website from Monday 18th February. Anyone wishing to stand as a candidate must submit a completed nomination paper to the Returning Officer at Cotswold District Council by no later than 4pm on Wednesday 3 April. 
The process of nominating for the role of Parish Councillor is quite straightforward and we would urge any eligible person in the Parish to consider putting themselves forward and supporting their community in this way. Current Councillors wishing to continue in the role are required to submit a nomination paper. Sapperton Parish Council is able to elect 7 Councillors, however, at present there are only 5 Councillors serving, due to two resignations last year. We are hopeful that nominations will be received for all seven places, at least, so that the Parish Council can return to full strength!
For more information, and/or a copy of the nomination paper, or just a chat about the role, please contact Babs Maloney, Parish Clerk, on 01285 760 276. Nomination papers can also be obtained from the Cotswold District Council website. We will provide further details in the lead up to the election date.
If you would like to consider nominating for Sapperton and Frampton Mansell Parish Council the following overview may help you decide whether this role is something you would enjoy.
What is a Parish Council and why become a Parish Councillor
Who can be a Parish Councillor?

Anyone can be elected as a councillor* if they are:
• A British, Commonwealth, Irish, or European Union citizen
• At least 18 years old
• Either on the list of electors for the parish, or during the whole of the previous twelve months has:
• Occupied land in the parish as an owner or tenant
• Had a principal place of work in the parish
• Resided in, or within three miles, of the parish

*Please be aware a person is however disqualified from being a Councillor if they:

a) hold any paid employment or office in the local authority that they seek election to or
b) are the subject of a ‘bankruptcy restrictions order’ or other interim order or
c) have, within five years before the day of election or since their election, been convicted of
any offence and has had passed on them a sentence of imprisonment of at least three months
(whether suspended or not) without the option of a fine or
d) has been found guilty of corrupt or illegal practices or responsible for incurring unlawful
expenditure and the court ordered their disqualification.


Code of Conduct: 

Each local council must adopt a Code of Conduct that is in line
with the Nolan principles which apply to the conduct of people in public life.

The code deals with Councillors’ obligations about their conduct including the registration and disclosure of their interests
(see below).

Register of interests

Parish and Town Councillors must complete a ‘register of members’ pecuniary interests’ form.  This is a requirement of the code of conduct.

Cotswold District Council holds the register of interests (opens in a new window) for Parish Councillors in this area.  The Register may also be inspected at the Cotswold District Council offices at Trinity Road, Cirencester, during normal office hours.


Annual Governance Statement 2016/2017

Accounting Statements 2016/2017

Internal Auditor’s Report 2016/2017

External Auditor’s Report 2016/2017


Accounting Statements 2017/2018

Certificate of Exemption from External Audit 2017/2018