‘Cotswold Peculiars’ at the Corinium Museum 2.30pm Wednesday 18 March

Cotswold Peculiars

Cotswold Peculiars will be presented at the Corinium Museum by Collections Assistant Dr Caroline Morris on Wednesday 18th March at 14:30.


With two days to go before the first day of spring, come and explore the more curious aspects of the Cotswolds in the museum’s collections. Cheese-rolling, folk dancers and fiddlers, lucky things, curious places and seasonal customs, in this talk we’ll poke about in the more unusual corners of the Corinium Museum’s reserve collection.

Like many a British county, Gloucestershire is a place where remnants of the past appear sporadically through the year in seasonal celebrations, customs, places, music and stories: some of these may be more recent creations but others go back through Cotswolds history. Many of these can be found in the museum collection, especially the photographic and paper collections. This afternoon talk will explore some of these curiosities and give you the opportunity to see a different side of the Cotswolds and the richness of the Corinium Museums reserve collections.

“There’s more to the folk life of the Cotswolds than you might think.”

For more information or to book for this evening event, please contact the Corinium Museum on 01285 655611 or go to www.coriniummuseum.org