Temporary Road Closure – Frampton Mansell to Sapperton and Daneway

Gloucestershire County Council advises the following temporary road closures and has provided a map of the affected roads

Road Closures 3/192 Daneway Lane To Crown Inn Frampton Mansell & C/191 Daneway Lane

These Roads will be closed sometime between 14th October 2020 and 30th October 2020 (08:00 – 16:30), so that contractors working on behalf of the Bathurst Estate, can carry out essential work removing diseased ash trees. Work will commence on the 3/192 Daneway Lane from the Crown Inn Frampton Mansell to the crossroads at Sapperton before moving on to the C/191 Daneway Lane which goes down to the Daneway Inn on the Canal.


The village of Frampton Mansell can be reached from the A419 at the White Horse Inn junction down Frampton Road or from the A419 down Pike Lane past the Village Hall. Sapperton Village can be reached from the A419 via the turn off at Chapman’s Cross. Traffic trying to reach the Daneway will need to travel the A419 in the Stroud direction to Chalford and then up to Bisley and back to Daneway via the lanes.

If you require any further information regarding this closure, please contact the GCC office on 08000 514514.

(Notification received from Bill Bellerby, Road Space Co-ordinator, Gloucestershire County Council

Street Works Team/Network & Traffic Management, Shire Hall, Gloucester)

Email: william.bellerby@gloucestershire.gov.uk