Join the Sapperton Wilder Hedgerow Survey on Sunday 25 June at 2pm

The Sapperton Wilder Project is holding a field event on Sunday 25 June at 2pm, meeting at the end of Broad Ride, near the new Communication Mast on the Frampton Mansell to Sapperton Road. (For more information on this project as a whole, please visit  the project website.)

Sunday 25 June – Hedgerow Survey

This is our second, informal field event of the project and is a great opportunity to get involved in your local area, learning more about the natural environment and the flora and fauna on your doorstep. Please let us know if you’ll be able to make it so we can get the right amount of cake and biscuits. If you can’t make it on Sunday but want to survey in your own time, let us know and we can send details.


If you haven’t already filled this out, please click this link, ( you are happy for us to keep your contact details and stay in communication for future events.  

We are thrilled to have Professor Anne Goodenough joining us at the start of the event to give a short talk on hedgerow & farmland birds.  Anne is a Professor of Applied Ecology at the University of Gloucestershire.  Her teaching and research interests lie in monitoring, managing and conserving nature. These span optimising wildlife survey techniques and use of citizen science, evidence-informed management of species, and conservation of key habitats and ecosystem processes. She has written over 50 research papers on topics as diverse as climate change impacts on birds, optimal timing of bat surveys, conservation of dormice, distribution of hedgehogs and camera-based monitoring of trees.  

While the hedgerow surveying will take place across the three Sapperton Wilder blocks (Northern, Central and Southern), our meeting point on Sunday will be at the mini carpark on the Sapperton/Frampton Mansell road (End of the ride/ by new comms mast).  What 3 Words location: ///forks.skate.rags  

After surveying across the blocks, we are planning on meeting back up at the meeting point, at around 3.30 to share experiences over tea, coffee and cake and then all leave for home by 4pm. However, if you are unable to stay this long, please just ensure a project organiser is aware of you leaving, for ‘sign out’ purposes.  

As the weather is likely to be quite warm, please come prepared with water, suncream, hat and suitable clothing – not all the hedgerows will be in the shade or provide cover if raining. 

Participants will be asked to record what they see in set sections of hedgerow.  If you would like to use an online app to help identify plants etc, you may like to consider downloading one or more of the following to your phone in advance: 

·         PlantNet 

·         Seek by iNaturalist 

·         LeafSnap 

·         GoogleLens 

·         iRecord 

·         irecordButterflies 

·         UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme 

We are also using What3Words to help you navigate around the field blocks, if you need it – what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location 

Many thanks to those of you that have already attended our first event and already filled out the project questionnaire.  For those that haven’t, we are asking everyone involved in this project to please fill out a short questionnaire.  The questionnaire aims to gather some more information on participants and their engagement with the project.  The questionnaire can be accessed here – 

Thank you in advance for your contribution.  We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 25 June at 2pm. In the meantime, if you have any queries please do get in touch with us.  Our contact details are set out below.   

Many thanks,  

Charlie, Chenie, Rhian and Tamara    

Charlie Nash is the Engagement Officer and Chenie Prudhomme is the Ecology Officer at Sapperton Wilder