Rural Bulletins

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The Parish Council is featuring the weekly Rural Bulletins from the Rural Services Network. Each week the Bulletin brings you a round up of the latest news of interest to those of us who live in rural communities. Please click on the links below – each one will open in a new window.







Also Featured is the the ‘Rural Economic Bulletin for England’. This was previously released quarterly as a separate report by the Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and published on the Gov.UK website. However in 2023 The Rural Economic Bulletin is now one of the seven thematic reports which make up the Statistical Digest of Rural England. Previous versions of the Bulletin up to 2022 are available from the¬†National Archive.

Rural Economic Bulletin – July 2023

Further information can be found on the Government website via the links below, where you can also request the information in a different format if you use assistive technology.

Key Findings – Statistical Digest of Rural England – updated 18/07/2023

 Rural Economic Bulletin Additional Statistical Information