Sapperton Parish Council Annual Report

Sapperton Parish Council has released its Annual Report for 2019 detailing its activities for the 2018/2019 year. This is now available to view on the Notice Board page of this website here.

The Head Teacher of Sapperton Church of England Primary School, Mrs Dawn Thomas, has also provided a short report to the Parish Council, on activities and results at the School. This will be her last as she retires at the end of the School year. The Parish Council wishes her a relaxed and rewarding retirement and welcomes the new Head Teacher. He will be taking over in September when the children return from summer holidays.

Nicholas Parsons, the Ermin Ward Councillor for Cotswold District Council, also provided a short report for the Annual Parish Council Meeting held in May this year.

Links to¬† the Annual Report and both the above reports are included on the ‘Notice Board’ as above.