Coronavirus Support in Sapperton and Frampton Mansell

It is heartening to see local support networks springing up across our local communities.

If you, or anyone you know, needs help please call any of the contact people listed below.

For Local Support in Sapperton:
  • For Practical Assistance:

Do you need help with shopping or collecting prescriptions? Contact Sarah Osborn Smith on 07836 512538 and she will try to  get a volunteer to you.

  • For Pastoral/Social Support

If you would like to chat to someone – by telephone,  skype or Facetime  – to hear a friendly voice, please contact Aileen and Frankie Shaw on 07807 199602. Social distancing should not mean lonliness.

For Spiritual Needs/Support

There are no Church services at the moment but Church Buildings are open and our clergy are able to offer prayer support, pastoral and confidential chats as needed. Contact the Rev. Trevor Kemp on 01285 770550

For Help and Support in Frampton Mansell

Please contact Lucy Cameron-Davies on 07866 447725.

Lucy has set up a WhatsApp group for the village so that we  are in touch with each other and can help each other out. If you are not familiar with WhatsApp, never Fear! Call Lucy!

If you can help others, please call the contact persons above to be registered as a volunteer