New ‘Clean and Green’ Project Officers want your ideas for local projects

Millie and Joe are the new ‘Clean and Green Officers’ for the Cotswolds. The initiative is designed to bring people together to take action to maintain and improve the fantastic environment we have in the district. The officers will be on-hand to advise community groups, Parish and Town Councils and members of the public who want to take a more active role in looking after their neighbourhoods.

The ‘Clean and Green Programme’ has a small pot of funding that has been designated to be used by parishes, community groups or individuals to support and affect change and benefit residents within our communities of Cotswolds District Council. Examples of what kind of projects they can help to facilitate are as follows:

Planting: Establishing wildflowers, trees, herb gardens and bulbs in communal areas.

Local improvements: Cleaning or decorating street furniture (signs, benches, community buildings)

Educational programmes: Targeted educational campaigns, litter picking etc.

Or find their contact details below:



If there are any questions, queries or ideas that you would like to discuss with them then please do not hesitate to contact them.